We’re Making Voice Messages Even Better

Messages are an increasingly popular way to communicate, providing a more personal and expressive alternative to traditional text messaging.

To make voice messages even better, we have introduced several new features that make it easier and more enjoyable to send and receive voice messages.

We have added the ability to preview voice messages before sending them. This feature allows you to listen to your voice message before sending it, giving you the opportunity to make any necessary edits or adjustments.

We have improved the playback experience, making it easier to navigate through voice messages and listen to specific parts of the message and have introduced the ability to speed up or slow down voice messages, allowing you to listen to messages at your preferred pace.

We have added a new feature that enables you to transcribe voice messages into text, making it easier to understand and respond to messages, even in noisy or busy environments.

These updates make voice messaging an even more powerful and convenient tool for communication, allowing you to express yourself more easily and communicate more effectively with your contacts. We hope that these new features will improve your experience on our platform and encourage you to try them out for yourself.

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